Leather Bracelets

Black Leather with Crystal
Black with Figure Eight
Blue and Purple Semi-Precious Stone Bracelet
Brown with Orange Copper Enamel Slider
Cobalt, Orange, or Red, with Flower
Dark Brown with Brass Double Swirl
Fluorite with Sterling Silver Chain, Sterling Silver Ear Wires
Lampwork Glass Bracelet
Lampwork Glass Multi-Color Square Bracelet
Leather Bracelets
Lilac with Copper and Enamel Slider
Lilac with Crystal
Malachite Bracelet
Metallic Amethyst with Flower
Metallic Amethyst with Woven Square
Metallic Burgundy with Copper Enamel Slider
Metallic Cobalt with Silver Sparkle and Dots
Metallic Cobalt with Sparkle
Metallic Copper with Copper Enamel Slider
Metallic Fuchsia with Copper Enamel Slider
Metallic Fucshia with Butterfly
Metallic Gold with Bronze Sparkel
Metallic Gold with Brown Sparkle
Metallic Gold with Copper Enamel Slider
Metallic Lilac with Star
Metallic Pistachio with Dragonfly
Metallic Silver with Star
Moonstone Bracelet and Earrings
Mother of Pearl and Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Navy and Brown with Woven Square
Navy with Copper Enamel Slider
Navy with Dragonfly
Olive with Copper Enamel Slider
Orange with Figure Eight
Orange with Yellow Flower
Pewter and Pearl Earrings
Red Creek Jasper, Freshwater Pearls Bracelet and Earrings
Red Leather UW
Red Leather with Copper Enamel Slider
Red with Celtic Knot
Red, Cobalt, Fuschia, Turquoise or Black with Cuff Clasp
Redwood and Turquoise Bracelet and Earrings
Rhyolite Bracelet
Triple Strand Freshwater Pearl Bracelet
Turquoise Teardrops
Whiskey with Copper Dots
Yellow Turquoise Bracelet